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Welcome to 2021...

This is the year we are planning to release the Early Access version of our game to the public as well as launch our Kickstarter & eSports League!

The Early Access Game for (PC) Will include no less than 20 Provenance Alien Documents for you or fans to take a deep dive into. These are the real deal, all vetted, most directly from Military channels.

The Kickstarter Campaign: This will also get you access to the Early Access Game for (PC) but it will also get you some very cool gear on top of your early access game and the 20+ Real Life Alien case documents. (T-Shirts, Hats, Hoodies, Beard Oils, YES... Beard Oils, Exclusive Digital Desktop Backgrounds and more...)

Last but not least... Our Own eSports Champions League: Snaketakes Studios is laying the groundwork for our very own National eSports Championship League and it will be based on the End of the Beginning (tm) franchise.

Be sure to sign up to our newletter to be kept up to date as the dates get closer, also you will be entered into our contests for free swag and gear!

Team Snaketakes.

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